Every wound can be forgotten in the right light

I am in love with Patrick Stump’s EP. Especially Spotlight (oh nostalgia). I tweeted him and he tweeted me back this:

he dmed me that. Isn’t that lovely? At the fall out boy concert was the first time I moshed by accident and got a lovely black eye so I’ve seen him in person and he oozes awesome.
So I wanted to share my fangirlness with you all today. That and Chloe G Moretz from Kick Ass tweeted me too. It’s the little things mmkay?

Recap on the week:
Last friday was the Weezer/Panic show. It was… so good. I’d show you pictures but all I have are really bad ones. But if you go here you’ll be able to see all of the pictures. It was really awesome. Any time its a twofer (two awesome bands playing) it’s a great show. What sucked was it rained a little while we were there and I think thats how I got sick. Since Saturday I’ve been a sniveling mess. I could barely breathe last night. My throat is super swollen and my ears are killing me. So I’ve been suffering with that all week.
Tomorrow I start “life skills.” Which is group for members getting bariatric surgery. I don’t know what to expect. l have to go to three of these sessions. One tomorrow, June 22nd, and July 22nd. I have various appointments in between for the pulmonologists, the cardiologist, and psychiatrist. Plus group for “dealing” at night time. I am going to be so informed my heads gonna ooze info. That’s good though. I’ll know what to expect. I’m gonna watch more grey’s now.
K bye.


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