a tiger in a cage can never see the sun this diva needs her stage

So today was my consulation with the doctor to get more info about the two surgeries the bypass and the sleeve. I spoke with the doctor (who is super lovely btw) and talked options. We figured on the basis of my age that the sleeve would be my best option since it is less invasive than the bypass. He also told me that the weightloss is similar if not only 10% behind the by pass. Which, of coruse, I want to lose weight quickly but if its a little more gradual and I just have to use that tool to excercise more I’m game. ‘m excited to be able to move more without have extreme joint pain! I already made my appointment with the cardiologist for June tenth and I’m going to squeeze out another appointment for the pulmonologist on that day as well. I’m trying to get it all done quickly and efficiently. I am calling my job tomorrow to get the info to go on short term diability so I can recover. It takes about a month to recover. I’m so excited! I feel happier than I’ve been in a long time. I feel like I have a reason to keep going and this is not a magical thing but its going to be a great tool to help me become the woman I know is in there hiding beneath all my unhealthy layers of fat. The 26th I am going to be starting the weight management group classes that i’ll be doing once a month. I already contacted my boss so I can work out the time off for that one day a month. I am just elated to get started. I know its going to cost quite a bit with co-pays and the week before the surgery it is going to cost me two hundred dollars for the all liquid/bars diet that I have to do to skinny up my liver.
What scared me was the risks. I know that with every surgery there are risks but the doctor pointed out to me that the most important risk to be aware of was the blood clots an d the possible leakage from the stapling. I was liek gah! Will I die? H e said they are a center of excellence and its a less than 1% chance of happening but if it does the center is very, very good at catching it and repairing the issue. So phew thats good. I still get nervous thoguh becase people can die from anything. I think I may right like letter for people just in case. Confessing my love and all that because I don’t want to leave anything unsaid. I think I’ll leave them with my best friend Amber so if anything happens go see if you were worthy for a note 😉 I don’t mean to be so cavalier but I guess I do.


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