Another night another dream but always you

A small update from last post:

I went to the seminar for the bariatric surgery and I have made the decision to follow through with either the gastric sleeve or by pass. this is the sleeve: and this is the gastric bypass: Both are pretty, in my opinion, hardcore. I have done my research for the past two years and the seminar really helped me answer some questions that I had. I am meeting with a surgeon on Thursday to get started in the process. I haven’t decided which one I really want yet. The sleeve is fairly new compared to the bypass and that makes me nervous. Plus, there isn’t as much data as there is from the bypass. The reason why I find the sleeve more attractive is the fact you don’t have to rewire your intestines like the bypass but the sleeve removes a part of your stomach. I am going to discuss with the surgeon to weigh my options. I am very excited to start this process because I think this is a great tool to help me lose the weight and keep it off if i’m diligent. With the bypass you’ll become physically ill if you eat sugar so cheating will be really hard but I know its possible for some people to gain it back because they’re not eating correctly. I really hope people stay supportive of my decision and don’t think I’m going the easy way out. It’s still a long process and I haven’t stopped my exercising with my trainer as a matter of fact I added another day for the training. My whole thing is to keep going so when the surgery is done I don’t have so much excess skin. I plan on exercising through out to keep that under control even though I am sure that some of the excess skin will be unavoidable. So there it is. I am sure it’ll be probably 6 months until I get this procedure done. I have to go through counseling and see cardiologists and endocrinologists to check me out. I think I have to see a pulmonologist as well but I have to any way because of my new c-pap machine. Let the planning begin!


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