let’s kill tonight

Let’s me tell you something about myself. I am not the kind of girl that lets her size get i n the way of my good time. I know right now I am a big person. But I do in fact let myself to go to clubs and dress FIERCE for my body. I do. I may not be able to rock 4 inch heels but I wear awesome flats. My make up is usually FLAWLESS. My hair? Depends on the humidity but I have mastered the cute formal bun. OH yes and now I have bangs:

So that’s how I do it. My whole point in this blog is I do it. I get myself gussied and I get myself out there. Judgments and all and best believe there are judgments. Sometimes I allow myself to get discouraged by those things but for the most part my large ass is POPPIN. It’s great exercise. BUT my point to this point I guess is the fact that I won a party tonight. Its free admission for my friends and open bar for two hours and I am in the process of getting ready SO I thought I’d post this.
I may be psyching myself up or whatever but this isn’t my first rodeo in the land of the night clubs as a plus size woman shit I’ve been to raves. PLUS any asshole that does step to me needs to fall back because I will be with plenty of friends to defend my honor. But I am vowing to myself right now if an asshole DOES step to me for NO reason but to be a dick about my weight I will have to cause a scene because it’s just not right. Why do people have such problems with their own images they have to make shit harder for the ones struggling? It’s not cool. Some people deserve their own shit to wallow it. I wish the worst for those who have screwed me or will screw with me. I do. I desperately want every person who has wronged me to have the same done unto them. I do. That may not make me the better person but you know what? I don’t care. Some people deserve the worst and I wish unto them. So with that… I have to finish getting gussied


2 thoughts on “let’s kill tonight

  1. Last night was a blast – from what I can recollect. Had a weee bit too much to drink, as we were abusing those free drinks. LOL.

    Love your bangs. You rock them. x

    Love you xo

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