It’s a problem!

I love Koren. She is my big girl advocate. She gets it because she is my big girl sister : ) I love how she keeps saying it’s crucial.

But she mentions black men and it really is MOST men. I like all colors of the rainbow and I get DENIED many a time.
I am not gonna beat a dead horse by adding how hxc I want a man to love and hold me. My lack of intimacy is driving me nutso. I got lots of love to give but ENOUGH. I just wanted to rep my fella big girl and certified fat chick Koren. She’s boss. Subscribe to her you tube!


2 thoughts on “It’s a problem!

  1. She’s a beautiful girl. She does have some valid points and others I don’t really agree with. First, it’s not as easy for a bigger female to get guys as it is for skinny women but we do have it hard sometimes also. I have been told plenty of times that I wasn’t big enough to date, etc. I think it’s weird that I hear about bigger women having trouble finding guys because a lot of my male friends prefer bigger women over skinnier women. Well, they don’t really have too much of a preference anyway, they just enjoy women who genuinely love and care for them, no matter what size they are.

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