afraid of the tongues that lash the truth// fear is so unbecoming

so guys I thought I’d lighten up. I have been content heavy with my opinions so I’ll lighten up. First look how rad I looked for halloween:

I was Katy Perry/ Punk rock princess. I had leggings with a black sweater dress and a hot pink shirt as well has a crown topped off with hot pink and white chucks.
But those extensions that i cut out of a wig was the best part and now I must have them forrealsies in my hair. But my dark hair is not nice to bleach products so we’ll see.
I totally punked out on the 30 day blog challenge. I was six days shy. Cop out to have a re-do tomorrow? Like start again on day 24?
Ah another note I have these silly crushes on two boys… I feel 13 again I swear. It’s childish to have these interests when they’ll go nowhere but a girl has to have something to dream to. I have been making headway on this other story I have been writing. I am hung up on the part to add the sex scene or not. I mean I want them to have said sex but since I have never had sex I feel like a phony writing about it. Sex is such a powerful and awesome thing in many shapes and forms and I feel its important for two people who are in a relationship to consummate that love so I want it in the book. Should I do a fade to black? We’ll see. I am skipping it for now but right now the story is at a lull. I am in a lull. Well, not exactly I have a great job and great friends and I did lose 2.8 pounds last week but damn I need to make that appointment for the lap band surgeon consultation. I need to get started. I was putting it off due to not having a lot of sick time because of my wisdom teeth thing but I am ready to start making those steps. It’s important to me. So, until later ladies and gents… I am going to play virtual families and then go see jack ass 3d!


3 thoughts on “afraid of the tongues that lash the truth// fear is so unbecoming

  1. Woo. Your costume looked epic chickie.

    You’re never too old to have crushes. I’ve got a few crushes on guys myself. Of course, I’m too shy to say anything. šŸ˜›

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