Days 22 and 23

Day 22:
A letter to someone who hurt you recently

I can honestly say no one has had the power to hurt me recently. I have been a stronger woman lately. The only one who has hurt me recently is myself by not getting myself in shape properly all these years. Due to my self neglect and punishments I have led a lonely life. Not necessarily friend wise but romantically guy wise? Solo to the extreme. So I guess this supposed letter could go to all the guys who have hurt me recently with their judging eyes. But willl just not get into it and just go to day 23. I am little off, I know, but I had missed two days and I ddin’t feel like cramming two in yesterday. I legit went to bed at 8 p.m. so here goes day 23 fifteen things about me:
1. I think in song. I am always relating thngs back to a song and I always want to sing that song out loud.
2. Purple is my most favoritest color ; )
3. I write poetry all the time but I don’t share it with anyone
4. I hold grudges. It’s not good but I do.
5. I am overly sensitive. I cry during commercials, Glee, Grey’s anatomy, books, and just thinking about people I talk to on the phone at work when they tell me their problems.
6. I am seriously considering going to go back to schol to be a psychiatrist; I want to help people so bad. Nothing make me happier.
7. I think nothing’s sexier than a man driving a car and cursing for a good reason. Like, cursing a guy out in someones honor lol
8.I want to join a band
9. i want to be a photographer
10. I wish I lived in Manhattan in a penthouse or atleast have
a doorman.
11. I have strong opinions but I can be wishy washy because I don’t like confrontation. I’d rather every one get a long.
12. When I get angry it burns me to the core and I want to do something violent. When this happened when I was younger I used to cut or dig my nails in my skin. Now? I write about it or just cry honestly.
13. I really want to kick the living shit out of some assholes ass. Not anyone in particular just a real dick head princess or gorrila asshole and just put them in their place without any consequences with the law.
14. I have on crush on someone right now but I am not allowing myself to divulge in the fantasy until I am thin. I can’t take anymore rejection in that department. I’d fall apart.
15. I am a big dreamer and I always want to have fun


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