days 18 and 19

Day 18 Something you crave
I bet you think a CFC would say something White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia nut cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Factory, huh? WRONG! Although that is crazy delicious.
No, What I crave is something a little different but just as decadent as that gorgeous piece of cheesecake.
I crave true love and companionship. I crave it so bad sometimes it hurts to look at happy couples. I crave it so bad that when I see bitchy girlfriends being rude to their amazing boyfriends I feel physically nauseous. Now, my desire to have this affection is not to be confused with me willing to settle for any man that comes knocking. Not the case see this blog postfor proof. I want and crave true companionship- a true equal that can handle my heart with care and not leave me wanting anyone but them. I want humor. I want and CRAVE love. A man to enhance me and just be a great friend. I know I sound like a broken record but for a girl that has never had any of that who is on the precious of her 23rd birthday? It makes a lot of sense to want that fully. More than anything. Well, I want my own self actualization of course but I crave this true love and companionship. Basically positive attention from the male gender would be nice.What I crave is something real and honest. There was this guy that had such promise but his lack of WILL and real charm sealed the deal on our non relationship. His Lack of EFFORT was a real ball buster for me. I may be a fat chick but I am a chick. With the realest, deepest, most honest feelings you’ll ever come across. Too soul-baring? maybe. But I want a man who can handle that. Plus I don’t really want like a chubby chaser or a fat girl aficionado I want a guy who loves me. For ME. For whatever I have to offer. I may be ” asking for the impossible but as my idol Audrey Hepburn says;; “Nothing is impossible, the world itself says I’m possible.” I choose the path of hope. I hope that someday my prince will come. I am not begging. I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am so not being the woe is me bitch either because I know how ATTRACTIVE that can be with men. *rolls eyes* I am going better in all of those senses. Sure,, I can come across extra sometimes but I am a little extra. In size and in personality. I am ME. ME. I sometimes want to be larger than life and seize the day and get my adventures done. God, I crave adventure. Not the oh man I may totally get arrested kind. But I want to enjoy being alive. Isn’t the world ending in two years? I need to get my life on. And I am doing it big!
Day 19 another pic of yourself…

It was from two years ago I didn’t feel like taking a picture today because it is a rainy poopie day and I don’t feel like doing anything and that includes putting my face on lol so there. TANOLICIOUS. I love being tan but I have only faked n baked twice in my life it didn’t do shit for me. I just get nice and tan quick ’cause I’m part Rican. So I started this post heavy(pun intended!) and ended light! lol


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