the Quinceanera of the 30 day challenge

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.
Well, clothes. LMAO. I really am the most forgetful broad on the PLONET. I have lost my wallet, purse, and cellphone in various places in my house and left them in different areas everywhere I got. I have lost my wallet twice and that shit sucked. I can’t say I never leave the house without those things because I do. I do it quite often. So I’ll say this: I never leave the house with a good book and clothes. If not a book a magazine. There’s always time to read!

Side Note Movie Review:

I just went to the movies last night and saw The Town. I give it a four ALMOST five out of stars. It was really good, just the right amount of violence, and drama. The not complete work of five stars is because I wished it showed more Blake Lively. Her acting was spot on and never seeing her do anything like this character was like a sock in the stomach. I was like Serena from Gossip Girl?? I wanted to sense more of her in the movie like who she was I guess. But it was still a great, great, great movie. See it!


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