sincerity brings clarity it’s all how we perceive the truth

Just a subject really personal to me. A message to women out there.

I have harped on this before but I want to touch on it again. Women are so afraid of being alone that they cling to the lamest dudes ever. Men who are abusive, addicts, cheaters, and just plain AWFUL all for the sake of not being alone. Do you really hate yourselves that much? Do you really think it is better to have a man on your arm in public because you think you’re rubbing it in peoples faces that you have a man? Really? I mean FOR SERIOUS I have never had a serious relationship and you broads may think I am sad and pathetic for that but I believe I am a strong woman for not succumbing to every asshole that has come a knockin’. Do I want to baby sit a dude? Do I want to be his financial advisor because he can’t control his shit because he’s spending his money on drugs and other stupid shit? NO! Do I want to be with a guy who will hit me, under mine me, cheat on me? NO! Do I want to be with a guy who tears me down? NO! When I put make up on my friend ( she looked fucking beautiful because I know a thing or two about blending some shadows) she showed her boyfriend and he said “Ah, that’s a bit much for you don’t you think?” This girl look gorgeous she has blue eyes so I accented her eyes with a smokey blue. He wanted to make her feel like shit because he has such low standards for himself he was afraid she looked so beautiful and she’d leave him. Sad, right? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE LIKE THAT!? I put these questions out there so some of you women can take a hard look at yourselves. YOU WANT TO BE WITH SOMEONE WHO BRINGS THE BEST OUT OF YOU! If I have seen you cry over a man over 5 times, for serious reasons( not lame fights) then it’s time to kick his ass to the curb. Everything else be damned; personal happiness first! I will be 23 in a week. I will not let myself settle at this age. I want the moon, stars, and the whole nine yards and you all should too. Men are not that important if they make you feel shitty even more than 30% of the time. If you have to tip toe around a man in the relationship because you’re afraid of him that is so sad. SAD! And remember you may be a lone once you get rid of him but think of how much happier you would be when you find yourself and feel like wow I am my own woman and I know exactly what I want and that’s what I’ll get. And remember never to settle. NEVER. There is always better. ALWAYS. It may take time but take the time. Enhance yourselves ladies. Don’t tear yourself down. Believe me; you’re worth it.


3 thoughts on “sincerity brings clarity it’s all how we perceive the truth

  1. This is something I talk about a lot. I have seen SO MANY girls in situations like this, and it is just heartbreaking. Women have been undermined and pushed around since the dawn of time. Sure, we may be physically weaker..but emotionally? Spiritually? We are extremely powerful and most women dont realize this. Most women cling to the idea that they need a man to validate their existence…so they settle for these men who treat them like crap.

    I think it needs to be said..that a man doesnt have to hit be a piece of shit. He doesnt have to cheat on you…to be a piece of shit. There are many women who have never been hit, or even cheat on..but are stuck in these horrible relationships with men who are mildly emotionally abusive, emotionally undermining, etc…and they dont even REALIZE they are being emotionally abused. It is just..very sad.

    Maybe I am a bit of a feminist..but I truly believe in the power of being a woman. I wish other women did as well. Good entry!

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