Days 9 and 10

A picture of the last thing you bought:
Well, the last thing I bought was groceries. So the last cool thing I bought was:

I got these at Dots for one effing dollar. I love em.
A picture of my favorite place to eat:

Borders Cafe. WELL, for long it’s Jose Border’s Cafe. It is sooo yummy. Tex mex deliciousness with amazing margaritas. This is a pic of B3K. Britney,Brandy,Brandi, and me Krystal. Get it? LoL. I miss these chicas bad. Such a good time!
Now back to my netflix a thon. I have been soo flupping sick these past few days. I have a severe sinus infection so I am on an antibiotic and various cold medicines. I have been drinking lots of tea and water and french onion soup to stay hydrated. The only thing that kills me is I had to call out of work. I had no voice and my job is talking on the phone all day. Yeah, no bueno. What skins my ass is I paid 50 bucks for my co-pay at a medical aid unit instead of going to my PCP because I was afraid I wouldn’t get an appointment I didn’t know it was considered like an er visit. AY YI YI. But I do have health insurance I can’t complain too much because for a year I didn’t and lots of people still don’t. OKay, Pushing Daisies here I come!


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