Day 6 and 7 forgive mah blunderrrr

Day 6: A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet

How mother flippin cute are those baby white tigers?! I wouldn’t want them full size just keep them tiny cute and hopefully sweet.

Day 7 Your dream Wedding:

Well, my wedding of course is faaar off because I am more single than anything but I am a girl and I do have my dream wedding totally figured out. There are two dreams.. The destination wedding in Hawaii:
Beautiful weather, the beach, and a singer playing the ukelele. How boss! The only thing that I fear is there being a huge HUGE storm and ruining my wedding.
So I have this back up traditional plan:
The dress:

I would have a different bottom though. I really want like a tulle bottom. I want my bridesmaids to wear something flattering for each of their different body shapes. I am not sure of the color. I love the idea of going with a cherry blossom tree theme. So maybe a pinky brides made dress.
I really have this vison of tall vases on the tables with fish floating but this is essentially the center piece and table setting

The food I want it to be delicious. I really love italian food so it may be stuff like that. The cake… I love this design sans butterflies and I want this shit square and wonky a little off kilter.

There’d be lots of dancing and lots of fun and just someone to love me you know? That’s the perfect wedding.


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