Day tres in 30 day bloggg

My idea of a perfect first date…

Well, I have lots of ideas for perfect first dates. But this particular one includes a walk around my home city, Philadelphia, and walking up and down Penn’s Landing.

Taking one of those horse carriage rides around Old City

having our first kiss in front of the fountain at LOVE park.

and then totally ending our day at the Festival Pier or Electric Factory rocking out to some amaze balls show.

I think that’d be a fabulous first date. It’d have to be all day too because I have to know if I can spend a whole day with a dude to know whether or not he’s worth it ; ) I’d be willing to sacrifice the concert for a Phillies or Eagles game too. And duh he’d have to be tolerant of philly sports teams.


3 thoughts on “Day tres in 30 day bloggg

  1. NYC has the same LOVE statue…it’s directly in front of my job! I think that would be a perfect date for just about any kind of relationship. First date, second date, 300th date. I like just being able to walk around and do something low-key. I totally don’t understand why anyone would want to spend their evening getting to know someone in an uncomfortably fancy restaurant.

    • ugh I know! I’d much rather walk and talk. Spend time together doing awesome things. I had no idea that had that NYC thats cool! Nyc is my second fave city 😉

      On Tue Sep 14th, 2010 6:46 PM EDT

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