Day DOS in the 30 day blog challenge thing.

So for the thirty day challenge today I was supposed to take a pic of something I ate today. Well, my lunch consisted of a huge slurpee cup filled with ice water and soggy fries with cheese and ketchup. They were mushy enough for me to consume yet more solid than most of the things I have consumed these past three days. I also am re-reading for the 3rd time Queen of Babble. I love this series. It’s fun, frothy, and just an awesome read. One of those things you don’t have to think about too hard. A romcom of a book lol. So, yup. There’s my food you voyeurs you. lol. Oh, and btw, the VMAs were a huuuge bag of boring this year. I loved Justin Bieber’s performance and Paramore should’ve been up there longer rocking out instead of the only exception slow jam but eh… It was a bag of boring like I said. I did totally enjoy seeing Cher up there and seeing Gaga win it big. She deserved it. She kicks major ass and she proves that her pipes are gold. And p.s. why didn’t she perform this year? Did they want to keep it boring as eff? Success. Although, Usher’s lasers were cool lol


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