30 DAY MEME. Day 1

I am joining the band wagon and I am going to do it! I should do it on tumblr but… I want to blog BLOG more so I am going to do it here. So I am going to post the full list on my latest obssession page so you can refer back to it or if you feel the need to do it yourself it’s available to you. So here is day one.. enjoy!
Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

This photo was from yesterday but today I look like a total beast so I will not be posting my fully swollen cheeks. Today was kinda blah. I slept until 2 because I haven’t been feeling well. I have a cold on top of my teeth being taken out. It’s like give a bitch a break! I ate mashed potatoes for lunch with some beef gravy because I am still have trouble with solids. I would have made eggs but cooking in my house is such a pain because people are always breathing down your neck so ready made mashers it was! I just had delicious french onion soup and I have been drinking tons of water while watching the end of the Phillies game and then the beginning of the Eagles game. I have been in and out of concentration today feeling very a.d.d. I just can’t just pay attention to too many things today. Besides the Eagles were losing at the time and that’s about the time my dad gets grouchy so I didn’t want to watch anymore. I just, honestly, can’t wait for the VMAS. I am such a total dweeb when it comes to the VMAS. I love music and I have been really into POP music as of late since I can’t find my flucking ipod I have been listening to a lot of the radio. Plus I have always liked Paramore and some of the bands up for stuff this year so it’s no big deal. But let me tell you I am NO fan of California Girls by Katy Perry. Maybe because I am an East Coast girl or maybe because I will never wear daisy dukes to make you melt your popsicle. IDK but I really hope she doesn’t win for the fucking song. Teenage dream? I dig. I like it a lot actually. I am very excited for BOB’s performane with Hayley Williams because a duh I love Paramore and I am way way way way excited for Eminem’s crotch grabbing performance. What is with rappers and their dicks? Are they legit afraid their dick will run away in the middle of their performance? But I really like Eminem and his latest cd is sooo good. I mean he’s a legitimate psycho but he’s amazing at rapping. Linkin Park is going to blow it out of the water I am sure. I saw Linkin Park live at Live 8 in Philly with Jay Z. That shit was amazing btw so I am sure they’ll kick ass tonight. Lady Gaga needs to take some serious moon men home because she’s a diabolical genius. I am excited for the lesser knowns Florence + the Machine, MGMT, and Dan Black. They are great musicians. I would have liked to have seen The Temper Trap included for Sweet Disposition but I guess another time. SO my day turned into my hopes for vmas. I guess that goes to show how excited I am for the vmas. I’ll be 23 in less than a month but I still feel like a little kid when it comes to award shows. Look out for day two’s blog post with a picture of what I ate that day. Guarantee you it’ll be something like mashed potatoes haha

There is going to be major spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet please read no further.


5 thoughts on “30 DAY MEME. Day 1

    • Thank you! It’s a lame post about how I was psyched for the VMAS. The next post goes on about how lame the vmas was haha. But the make up I use is LA Colors from like the dollar store lol. It has bright ass pink, bright ass blue, green, yellow, and orange. It’s an awesome pallete.

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