Pink is the color of passion

About ten years ago I had a major scare with my mother. She had a lump in her breast and it was crazy scary. Thank god it turned out benign but my grandmother, my mom’s mom, found something too. It was malignant. She beat it out with radiation but her blood runs through my veins. My aunts, cousins, mother, and sisters veins. Breast cancer is very real. Very scary. Something that could very well happen to me or my sisters. There is four of us odds are in our favor for sure. I decided to join the making strides breast cancer walk. It’s in October, my fabulous birth month, so I think 40 some odd days is plenty to get a nice hunk of a donation going. So I don’t whore myself out on blogging but this is to a legit and honest cause. is the site to make a donation, big or small, to the cause. My team is Pink Fries because of Pink for breast cancer and fries because I love em. Sike if you know me you’ll no why fries is soo apropriate. hehe. So, please, make a donation it goes directly to the American Cancer society.


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