It’s not faith if you use your eyes

When you bask in old memories some things sock you in the face. Like seeing old pictures and wondering what the hell happened to you? I wish that I hadn’t let myself go and I wish I haven’t fallen off the weight watchers/going to the gym wagon. I had been doing well. I think I will get back on it but just do it<a href=””&gt; on my own. I really don’t feel like spending the extra forty bucks a month for WW. I think it’d be better just to pay off the gym crap and get back to going to that. It’s just hard to get there because my parents are adament on me not driving. It would have to be either before or after work to work out and it’s just a p.i.t.a thing to get there. It’s not like I can work out at my house because it’s just too little with seven people. I don’t even have privacy in my room. I share it.

It’s been difficult posting blogs because I work full time now and without constant access to a computer it is difficult to actually make substantial posts other than some tweets, tumblr (, and facebook. This is even a quick one because I am lacking in privacy at the moment so I can’t get into juicyness of anything.
I will say it was amazing meeting my internet best friends in the flesh. They’re not serial killers and they’re amazing. We got along so damned well. Pictures, video and details next post. I promise.


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