Psychobabble all upon your lips

So I kinda need to apologize for my last post. Well, I don’t really since it’s my blog and that is exactly how I felt at the time. I was going to individually comment back to each person who commented the other day but I thought I could address it all today on here. I appreciate each kind words you gave me. It is just so hard to think positively when at times I feel suffocated and there are even moments when my parents assure me life is just going to get worse. How is that inspirational? Sometimes I need to turn to my friends to help me see that it can get better. Its funny today the movie The Night at the Museum 2 was what inspired me a lot today. It was the character Amelia Earhart who kept saying why do you do anything except for the love of it? We don’t do much for the love of it and isn’t that what the American dream was built on? Pursuit of happiness? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the bad and forget to hang out to the good that will and should come if I keep my head outta my ass. I am going to try and stay positive but I know I’ll have more days when I feel so crappy I just want to cry and cry and cry but I’ll battle that on that day.

4 thoughts on “Psychobabble all upon your lips

  1. I’m glad you’re over that bout of negativity. It’s completely normal to have your shitty days — it’s what makes your good days that much better. Staying positive isn’t easy all the time, but it’s a lot easier when you surround yourself with positive and reassuring people. If you’re in a bad mood, go out for a quick walk with your iPod blasting and don’t focus on anything but the music. That’s my favorite way of getting rid of bad thoughts.

  2. You’ve taken the first step – accepting the fact that there will be more days much as what you have experienced. Some may be a little less hard to deal with and others will make you feel like you won’t be able to get through it. After acknowledging this obvious fact, I’d suggest creating a plan that will help you deal with whatever. With a plan, IMO, will alleviate a lot of stress.

    I try to look at it this way – I go through A LOT – but, if I would never experience the bad, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good times whenever they come around. Everyday it’s a constant struggle with all that I have to bear; however, I’ve realized that my struggle is not in vain. Acknowledge your struggle, embrace it and move forward.


  3. Like Christina said, you’re entitled to a few shitty days. We as humans deserve some days to just cry, shout, and feel sorry for ourselves.

    You’re an amazing, strong woman and I know you can overcome anything that you put your mind to. Love you! 🙂

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