Hard hearted don’t worry I’m ready for a fight

Today sucks because my mom is getting surgery correcting the hole in her cartlidge by her hip. It’s a noninvasive surgery so I am confident she’ll come out fine. The hole is apparently from a sports injury. I guess my mom should lay off the taebo kicks and cart wheels haha. Cross your fingers anyway- I just get nervous when people are under general anesthesia. I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy. Side note: That Grey’s Anatomy finale took my breath away! So I wrote a poem the other day and I just wanted to share it on here . It’s not super amazing and it’s a little disjointed but my blog my shit. Right? Right.

un Self actualized

When possibility is right in front of me I hesitate
Afraid that it’s not my fate
Unsure of the leap
the jumo into anothers arms
I’ve been hurt- I’m confused
I’ve been so abused
sometimes I want something so much
The fear is binding
It’s leaving me gasping for air
I’m crippled and blinded
Screaming “It’s not fair!”
An ocean of emotion
The waves of unconnected devotion
Make me over
I want to believe
I wish faith was something you could see
To reach it and grab it
that love was a bad habit
I fear for awkward silence
My head’ll implode
I don’t want my vulnerability to show
I’m on the mend but change is so damned slow

so yeah. that’s it. Maybe if I did a vlog reading it like spoken word it’ll sound better. Oh well!


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