The breath before the kiss and the fear before the flames

So last week was pretty amazing. I met my second favorite author (my first being J.K. Rowling, NATCH) Jen Lancaster in Philly. It was simply fate that I had been rereading her amazing bodies of work such as
andI went to her blog and she was going to be in Philly the next day!
She did a reading from her latest, My Fair Lazy, and did a Q&A with us gaggle of women who worship her beautifully tanned and perfectly highlighted coif. I was the second person to balls up and ask a question and I was standing on the OUTside of the arena due to getting there later than expected due to a parking situation. BTW parking in Center City of effing ridonkulous x2. We paid fourteen dollars for what amounted to less that two and half hours of parkage. But I had asked “Since Bitter is the New Black is placed in a similar economical environment as we are in today how do you feel to be on the other side of the equation since you are so successful?” No, it didn’t come out as smoothly as all that. I stumbled on successful a million times. But Mrs Lancaster was gracious and totally understood what I was saying and it was awesome. Then she signed my book

and snapped THIS picture:
I want to be her. I want people to love me and go to my book signings and fumble on the word successful a million times while trying to ask me a question. I gotta keep working on my story. It’s getting better but I have a gap. It’s hard to fill it in when I am away from the inital inspiration. I need to channel my inner busted heart and translate it onto page. I met Jen Lancaster because of a ) my WIFEY BOO Toya.

Don’t mind the flick I was pretty drunk at the time and it shows. My boobs look great though.
She’s a newer friend but she has quickly entered my life and changed it for the better. I can tell her anything and she doesn’t judge me ONE bit. Then after Thursday I went to Atlantic City with my pals and gambled a bit, over paid for a drink at the rainforest cafe, and touched sand! It was the second time this year but the first up north. I love the beach and feeling like I am on the edge of the world and anything’s possible. THEN Friday night, my friend Shay’s birthday, we went to a club called The Deck in Essington PA. It was a blast. Sure it sucked that I was the biggest broad there but OPEN BAR for 25 bucks and I drank my heart away. I lost inhibitions, danced on stage, fell on stage, met some lovely people, and had a lot of fun. Sure my insecurities were mounting when I saw the skimpy broads in sheer white dresses but I did get it in despite that. If you wanna read my total emo post on it check out my post at or click here I need to amp my confidence forrealsies though. It’s not any good that I have been missing the gym the past two weeks. I miss it and it’s taking a toll on my attitude and my belly. I want to feel better so hopefully, Thursday, I’ll be able to afford to pay for the gym again. Okay, I have to concentrate on the Flyers now. I am not a huge hockey fan but I am a huge anything Philly sports team fan. Gotta represent my hometown ya know!


5 thoughts on “The breath before the kiss and the fear before the flames

  1. Awww. I love those pictures. Sounds like you’ve had a great time girlie.

    Can’t wait for this weekend. Definitely have to take more pics. Ready for more drinking? Haha. ❤

  2. Kickass!!! I have never heard of this author, but after reading this entry I checked out ‘Bitter is the new black’ on Amazon and I am gonna have to read it.

    On a side note…the picture of you and her is awesome. There is a book to the left that looks like it says “COCK.” xD

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