If I learned you weren’t the loving kind, I would have saved some peace of mind

So I had a three pound set back. Set backs are part of the process or so I hear. I feel a twinge bit failoriffic and it hurts to admit that but this is how I feel. I went a little out of control with my points by over estimating the portions and what I was eating. It’s easy to do. I shouldn’t beat myself up too bad because I have done very well this week. I haven’t gone crazy eating fast food and I have been upping my water intake. I have been excercising regularly as well. I went every other day this week. In a way the weight gain was a wake up call; I am not LIKE everyone else. My metabolism is way slower than most people my age. It isn’t fun but it is something I have to deal with. So I have been trying to step up my A game. Unfortunately for me summer is here and I have not lost the amount of weight I thought I would. To keep positivity in mind though I DID lose. I lost 21 pounds ( factoring in the 3 pound gain) and that is no mean feat. I have to give myself credit when credit is due and turn the negative around. Easier said than done but at least I am still trying.

But is damn frustrating living with people who are not on the same wave length. Its hard to get my environment to match what I am thinking. I feel like screaming a lot. I feel like punching a lot. I honestly hate being home. It’s not easy out in the world either with the deliciousness like taco bell screaming eat me I am only 89 cents. Effing ay. I just wish I could zap all this weight off and be done with it. I just want to be a normal girl wearing normal sized clothes. A normal girl going to amusement parks, not asking for tables at restuarants (not booths), a girl being asked out for dates and numbers. It’s friggin’ frustrating being a damn cow. I hate it and I wish it could all hurry up.


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