ww friday?

SO I made it through another week despite my sabotaging chef boyardee and TWO fat slices of pizza when I should have had just one. I am pretty damn happy I am close to my big 25 pound mark. Which is one of my major markers of course! Not a big update today. I have done some scouring for jobs to no avail but it has only been a day since my last post so I can’t except a miracle to occur overnight right? I am noticing my weight loss in my face and boobs area primarily which sucks. I want to keep the boobs themselves but the back fat and what not I can live without. I will keep on keeping on! Short post because I am just updating. Until Later!

thought this was boss even though I do both:


One thought on “ww friday?

  1. 24.4. Hellll yeahhhh!

    My mom is doing Atkins and shes having awesome results. You ever tried it? It looks like a fucking heart attack but man shes shedding the pounds.

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