Believe me I am soo not obsessed with myself in anyway It is just sooo freeing to just SAY what you want to say without thinking about it. I respect Leslie so much because she does it ALL the time. So I did another blog… And my brothers and sisters made ANOTHER appearance because they are crazy… I don’t think you should listen to it too loud because I make them with my phone and the audio is sucky.

I love La Roux btw and check my latest obsession page

until later


11 thoughts on “bulletproof

  1. Either I’m looking at the video wrong or your brother is freakin’ hot haha. He is SO FUNNY. I love how he has comments the whole entire time you’re trying to do the video. Plus, you two fighting was epic haha.

    You’re adorable, Krys! Keep making videos ❤

  2. I absolutely think you are AMAZING Krystal! You are so fabulous and I hardly ever call people fabulous, but with you, you are truly that!

    Thank you for the beautiful shout out babe, with all the people you talk to on the net you gave me a shout out especially to me. I feel so honored!

    Is your brother the ass clown in school? hahaha, he was funny. But that would of done my head in, if that we’re me trying to do a video blog ❤ love ya babe. You inspire me everyday! Keep on doing what you're doing with your diet. You look great xoxoxo

    • Thanks for calling me fabulous even tho I am pretty sure you are more fabulous than me! I don’t think he is a clown in school. I think he can be a clown but he’s more out there for the mamacitas haha. I am pretty used to being interrupted constantly with my brother and sisters. I have zero privacy. love you too and thanks!

  3. Lol….I am an only child and sometimes I really, really wish that I had a sibling, I mean..I DO have a sibling, a half sister, but we arent in any contact AT all…so anyway, yeah, sometimes I want siblings but I am sooooo soo…weird about my personal space, seeing this video I think I would go INSANE if someone walked in on me vlogging, lmao. Sometimes my mom does and I get SO MAD. Its weird. I get angry about the weirdest things.

    I think you should keep doing vlogs, and keep saying whatever you want. I get LOTS of hateful comments on my vlog and I can honestly say that 99 percent of them, I do not care anything about because they do not pertain to my true, everyday life at all..and the ones that do bother me, I use as a guide to remind me what I would like to improve about myself.

    I think you should check out this blog.. http://booboomagoo.com/. She has lost a lot of weight by completely doing it herself. Eating right, going on runs..it is VERY inspiring to say the least. Even for someone like me, who many say doesnt have to lose weight..JUST BECAUSE YOURE “SKINNY” DONT MEAN YOURE HEALTHY! Lol..she inspires me to learn how to properly nourish my body. Thats something that people realllyyy dont know how to do..so many of us have unhealthy relationships with food. I know I do.

    Anyway, I rarely ever comment on someones blog..but damn, when I do its like…a fucking novel…so I will stop now!

    ^_^ ❤

    • I have four to share so take your pick.. two 15 year olds a 14 year old and a 19 year old. I am the oldest. I get pissed too but I am so used to it it is kind of hard for me to not let it go. I think I will keep doing vlogs because they’re hella fun. I will check that blog right now. I love comments and yours wasn’t that long ❤

  4. 1. Your brother Kevin is hot! 😉 haha
    2. I love how you guys play around and interact. Brother and sisterly love! 🙂
    3. You are so entertaining. Love what you have to say.
    I LOOOOVE RuPaul’s DragRace! Maybe I should try it out. haha. jk!

    • lol thanks is his a youngin though only 15 so hold the phone killa haha. Thanks for the love. And um hello try out!! I’d root you on of course but do you consider yourself a drag queen?

      • NO I don’t consider myself a drag queen. I don’t perform. but i do know how to put on a show! haha

        But for dry split ends, there is not much you can do to revive them. I’ve tried. The only thing to do is to trim them regularly, (which I don’t do often), and just try to use little to no heat on them. Try alternative styling. maybe in a bun, or leave it curvy for once, or just play around with it. So you avoid using heat. I might do a blog about styling tips without heat.

        I used this new shampoo/conditioner by aveeno, and it is supposed to help dry split ends. here is the link.

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