I’ve been a bad bad girl…

I haven’t blogged in ages. What kind of blogger am I? Well, one without her own personal computer that’s what kind. I share my computer with six other family members so it’s kind of a bitch. More of like my computer is a slut. It’s irksome. I rely on my mobile internet to the fullest.

I have been getting that ITCH lately. The itch to go on a road trip or travel. I haven’t had the funds (of course) but I think there are ways to get around that. Like I know it costs 20 bucks to ride the happiness bus to Manhattan. I am in love with the city of New York. It’s totally different from Philly. I love Philly, don’t get me wrong, but Manhattan is on some other type level of crazy. It’s a rush just riding the subway.
Gosh, I miss my red hair!

That’s my sister and my mommadukes. You see what I am up against in the pretty department?
That was from when we went and saw the View last January. America Ferrara and Ana Ortiz (another Philly girl) were are on there. I couldn’t get a good pic but this is the best I could get:

That’s America in the red dress. We are totally best friends now. Ha, I wish! I think even from those old pictures you can tell I have lost some weight. At least, I hope.
This is the worst one. I am basically busting outta my coat! Maybe I can use this pic as my “before”. I wanna get on the cover of people magazine as the girl who lost two hundred pounds in less than a year and half or something like that. It’s one of my secret dreams lol. But anyway, back to the ITCH. I have been stuck in Delaware since October. In October I went to NYC to see the Daily Show. It was awesome but not THAT awesome lol. I miss my car. I don’t know how to save and I need a new VEHICLE. I am sick and tired of relying on everyone else to get me places. I am telling you as soon as I get a car I am going somewhere so watch the hell out!
On another note, it is blitzing like crazy. The snow has been crazy. We’re in another state of emergency right now. I wanted to take some pretty snow angel-like pictures but I can’t bring myself to get out of my pjs and robe to do so. I just can’t. the view from my window. Our big ass van is soo covered. They do a shitty job plowing as well so it’s going to be hella hard for me to get weighed tomorrow. I may not even be able to do that tomorrow do to this crazy weather. We’ll see.


7 thoughts on “I’ve been a bad bad girl…

  1. yeah pretty much i cried. felt stupid, but cried. mostly at the loss of my most recent one, the sony.

    && thats a big goal chica! how are you doing so far, lbs lost? i’m too lazy to lose weight (though Lord knows i need to…) but i really enjoy seeing everyone else’s successes. so good luck times a bazillion =)

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