Whinny Bitch

Maybe I am a spoiled, jaded, lazy, American but I’m tired of working. I have been working two, sometimes three, jobs at a time for the past two years and I just don’t want to work anymore.

I am so dead ass.

I love money, don’t get me wrong, but I am so sick of not making enough of it and wasting my time working at lame ass supermarkets and non-lucrative video stores. I was working as a night auditor at a Ramada but I was scared shitty working overnight all by my lonesome. THE worst. So, now, I am just at Hollywood Video and Pathmark. Pathmark is a supermarket for you southerners, west coasters, and central Americanas. I think. You know those self scan things you hate using at stores? I am the frustrated attendant usually day dreaming of Johnny Depp or that dude from True Blood Alexander Skarsgård. Daydreaming of them or about beating rude customers to a pulp. Beating or fork stabbing.

I swear I am a peace loving female but work four hours of self scan and you will lose your fucking sense of pacification.

I just don’t want to work anymore. I want a year of paid hiatus lol. I guess thats collecting unemployment? Nah, I really don’t hate working. I really don’t. Hence the multiple jobs for four years. I just hate my job at the supermarket so much it makes me not want to work anymore. I want to find a job medical assisting because I went to school for it for a damn year. 11,000 loan anyone? I can’t seem to find a job in a hospital or doctors office anywhere in Delaware. Maybe if I was in a lucrative field such as that I won’t be so miserable working. I work 5 to 9 tonight on the register so I won’t be day dreaming but I will be dealing with rude customers. Sometimes you become immune to it but most of the time it gives you a twitch in your left eye. At least, that is what it does to me.

I am grateful for my jobs please believe me in that. And if people in Delaware are desperate for a job Pathmark is hiring for deli and seafood so get on over to pathmark.com and apply!


8 thoughts on “Whinny Bitch

  1. It so freaking hard to find a good job… especially right now. In some ways it makes me excited that I am still in college because I don’t have to go through the agony of trying to find a job..just yet.

    Just keep trying and trying.. is all you can really do. And post on as many job sites as possible! I live in Maryland and here I see a lot of job openings via Medical.. maybe change of scenery?

    • Maryland’s really close to me, I live in Delaware, so I’ve applied and applied to the places in northeast maryland(like near cecil college) but to no avail. It wouldn’t be worth it to try anything lower in Maryland, gas wise, and I really don’t have the money to relocate yet. Good luck with college hopefully it’ll be better by the time you graduate.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I cannot stand working every single day, with the same daily routine. I’m very fortunate to have a job during this recession, though. I feel your pain. Back in the day I worked in retail and all of those types of jobs and I could not take it. After I stopped working in such areas, I vowed that I would never do it ever again. I simply can’t endure boredom and rude customers. I’m sure you will find something better in the future, just keep looking.

  3. i’ll never go back to that horrific job…lol i escaped, it just wasn’t for me that only thing that brighten most of my days was working with you…when i didn’t work with u, i was ready to jump out the window, dealing with the rude customers that acted like they didn’t have any home training or matters…lol but i love ya always keep it up..i’m always behind ya.

    • i know you are… friends since 6th grade? can I get a hells yeah for that? Working there is just terrible and I think that’s what gets me a in a bad mood so much. Thanks for always having my back boo

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