I’m high on believin’

So obviously this shit works. I have been going to the gym four – five times a week, eating good portions, and healthy foods. Plus, I keep in mind that people actually read my blog and are rooting for me so I have been doing it. On top of that, my motivation is looking better and feeling better. I wanna be a fine mamacita fo sho!
Readers, thanks for all your support. I mean it sincerely with all my heart. When I work out on the machines I watch it’s always sunny in philadelphia because its the greatest show on earth. Mostly due to this lil scene right herre

going through my old blog and found a poem I had written:

Destined for greatness so close I can taste it
even if the world is breaking my will won’t be forsaken
I say it but will I live it? My heart may rupture from the words right and maybe.
Contusions upon my head won’t enlighten.
I’d yield for you. I’d always yield for you. Your name? Uncertain. but I love you nonetheless.
My heart’d be yours if I could get over myself and this tragic mess.
I’d break in two to keep both sides busy and cover all my bases.
Society is making certain to erase us.
Force us into harsh realities so we can barely enjoy frivolities. Dreams. Hopes.
We linger in the smoke of the pipe dreams intoxicate ourselves with the fumes.
We are alone. Some more than others. I’m alone.
No more wasted youth for I spit on you I’ll find the time to rescue those who are in need.
I won’t end up back on the floor surrending my wrists to bleed. Not again.
We are so shallow. I am so shallow. I live in the basin of tears cried by my fellow peers.
The bitter bull shit and half truths. We all lie to ourselves. Will we make it? Will we perservere?
It’s funny. I can taste you. In my heart in my mind you’re there.
I won’t surrender. Hell or glory..

Well, it isn’t the worst poem I had written lol.

I decided that when I reach 25 pounds I’m going to get Hope tattooed on me… somewhere. I wanted another on my wrist but it’d look pretty stupid if I have a bandaid on both wrists. I have a small heart on my right wrist for wearing my heart on my sleeve.It’s small enough to be covered with a bandaid and no one would know the difference.

until later…


6 thoughts on “I’m high on believin’

  1. OOH I wanted to get a tattoo of a heart on my right arm but I got one on my left pinky, so technically I wear my heart on my fingers lol. But thats really cool, I’m really proud of you, keep it up!!

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