photographic mess

I can’t believe its less than a week til x mas and I’m pretty much set on the shopping theres nothing I really need to buy except for my sister Katie. She’s difficult because she’s so damn picky and we’re basically opposites. Shes all rap && r&b n Im more pop indie alternative.So our styles differ. It’s gonna be hard finding her stuff. psh I’ll get it monday or xmas eve because i’m a late minute chica!
I was soo bored earlier I was like let me take pix of the snow and I took none with me in it because I didn’t go outsides so I stayed in my pjs looking a hot tranny mess.

peep that table! its intense and that was at like four in the after noon. its seven now and it’s still snowing! We haven’t had this kinda epic snowfall in years. They declared it a state of emergency and my one job at hollywood video even closed at four. So boss it was executive I didn’t have to work today. Because of this snow I spent the whole day wrapping prezzies

It’s eleven days until the new year and I have to say bye bye to my grey’s anatomy calendar.
I was also pondering a lil status update from a friend that said it’s a shame all the popular kids are still best friends. I do not remember popular kids in high school Not the kind from movies that were complete douchebags and totally full of themselves. Seriously if anyone was popular it was me bishes. I was nominated for prom court my junior year, prom princess, I didn’t win because the girl that alway s wins won, but I was nominated! Maybe she was one of the popular crew but she was cool, really nice, maybe she lived a more charmed life because she was super pretty but at least she was nice. Anyway, back to me being popular, I won most likely to win a grammy too:
I’m not saying I was popular by any means; I was on peoples shit list too. The thing of it is… What I’m learning.. People are gonna fuck with you no matter what. If you’re skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, gay, bi, black, white, asian, christian, jewish, spanish, tall, short, or WHATEVER. So high school you learn that. Whether you separate people into classes of popular or not people get shitted on. Does this make sense? LOL it barely correlates I know that! I am just feeling philosophical in a moronic way because I’m totally bored. Plus I watched District 9 last night and that touched on racism but with an extra terrestial twist. Kinda left me feeling some type of way. Look at my collage I so haven’t finished yet:

&& of my idol Audrey Hepburn

i so didn’t make that last one though lol. This is a very photographic post but I really like blogs that have pictures. They break up the monotony. Pictures, videos, pretty layouts, WHATEVER. I just wish I knew a thing or two about designing and making stuff to make my site my own. Anyone wanna donate a layout or sexy header?? lol I’d love you forever && always! well i’m outta here I gotta job hunt on the net. love yas


3 thoughts on “photographic mess

  1. That’s a shame. I definitely don’t judge people by their weight, and for some people it is a problem for them, or it’s hereditary. People should definitely not judge others.

    Good luck getting your sister a present! If I had a sister, I think I would be outrageously different from her. XP

    You sound like you were well liked in high school! We had “popular” people in high school but they were nothing like in the movies either. They were definitely very nice and friendly even if they were rich or a little showy. I think there were a few “fake nice” people but all in all, our year group was pretty tight. 🙂

    Good luck finding a job!

  2. me and my mom were damn opposites too.. lol snow snow snow!! i love it but i still prefer summer than winter.. lol you like audrey hepburn? I love her movie-breakfast at tiffany’s.. haha nice pics.. i love it

  3. yeah georgina high school wasn’t so bad every place has fake people. thanks for the luck i need it!.

    Melle, yes audrey is my idol! She was beautiful, fabulous, a fashionista, an amazing actress, and a humanitarian! I think Roman Holiday is my favorite Audrey movie but I’m not sure. I like summer much better too

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