Just sayin’

So last post was pretty hxc but i mean it needed to be said even if it turned out that the boy who initially said it wasn’t the one who tweeted it, it turns out. My friend has since apologized and told me someone else said it in passing and he just tweeted it. So we’re cool. But still someone had said it so it’s a thought it someone’s head that they word vomitted into the world so that just goes to show that there are lots n lots of douchebags and assholes out here in good ol Dellywhere. I just wanted to post this real quick I have to get back to getting the tree all sexylicious and all that mess. I still have this intense sinus infection and i can’t go to the doctors so that sucks but whatevs this too shall pass, right? much love to my readers mwuahs


2 thoughts on “Just sayin’

  1. Dude, that’s fucked up. People are so damn disrespectful these days. Don’t let them bother you girlie. It’s not worth it.

    At least he apologized. =/

    About that sinus infection. You should go over to the Happy Harry’s/Walgreens over in Suburban Plaza (down the road from UD)

    They have a take care clinic/doctor in there, and they take people with or without insurance. I went in, got a full exam, diagnosis, antibiotics, and everything for like $75. Go and get yourself better girlie. They’re really good in there, take good care of ya!

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