tegan and sara is more boss than most

random post entry name but whatever i just love love love love love their new cd sainthood. Its the best they’ve ever done I think.
good news folks I went to the gym! huzzah mofos! I started slow because


cant go killing myself when I havent worked out in four months or so. Esp for my size I can’t do so much so fast because I’ll hurt myself and prob never go back again. So what I did was treadmill for 10 minutes- a brisk walk trying to move my arms but not really because on those things I swear I am going to fly off. Then I went on this weird elliptical, skiing, climbing machine for twenty five minutes. I kept it steady and didn’t go too fast. Just you know normalage. I ate just eggs and a piece of cheese for breakfast && drank lots of water. So… SO far so good. I did this all conciously and without reading a book while eating like I usually do. So I just wanted to celebrate this awesomeness .


3 thoughts on “tegan and sara is more boss than most

  1. Gotta buy it their last CD was the shitz. I was going to buy a gym membership, but my car had to go and give me a surprise so I’ll be spending my whole check on tires and suspension stuff.

  2. OMG! Tegan and Sara are lovelovelove!

    Congrats on going to the gym. It is hard at first, but eventually, you’ll get used to it 🙂 I haven’t gone in months, but I plan on picking it back up eventually.

    Go, Krystal ❤

  3. Work it girl friend, in no time you’ll be strutting your stuff down the street people going HEYYYYYYY GRRRRRRRRRRRRRL to ya hehe!!

    Slowly by slowly always wins the race! Take your time with it and you’ll be fine!

    Btw, thank you so much for the audio comment on my site it was beautiful 🙂 and no I didn’t make fun of your voice. I hope you’ve been feeling allot better since then ❤ xox

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