Happy Holidaysish

My last post was slightly depressing. Okay, totally depressing.  But thats how i feel sometimes and you know what thats why this is my blog.   I woke up at 4 today so i didn’t sleep forever. I ate some bk.. no good no good… but atleast i got out the house for other things other than WORK. I have stumbled upon some awesome blogs in my travels. I don’t want to link them with out permission but they know who they are. I mean Dan, my Brandy and Brandi are linked on the right and they are studependous to the max.  Check them out when you get a chance. but there are other blogs that are pretty awesome another one with a girl with weight issues just like me! I was like whoa! A girl I can relate too. She just finished getting the lap band surgery so shes kinda my hero right now. I can’t get that surgery right now due to no health insurance. Believe me ishes I’ve looked into it. It just takes pretty much 6 months to a year to get it all set up and I had my consult at the end of april; my insurance went away on my 22nd birthday in October.  So I have to do it on my own for now. Which is what you have to do ANYWAY. I mean the surgery is not a quick fix its a total lifetime change and you never really eat the same again. So chyeah let me tell you bk is not on the menu! So its seven and i really still don’t feel well so im going to fit in another nap before work at twelve.  heres my new holiday pic i love x-mas time!


3 thoughts on “Happy Holidaysish

  1. I want the surgery, but my insurance from my retail giant employer doesn’t cover it. I haven’t tried to work my way around it either. I’m going to try working out for a bit, and eating right for a bit. I use to be like 250, I got down to 213 which is where I am and have been for a while. I want to get to about 125. I might just go ahead and go to a doc about the lap band and see if they can work around the whole not covered thing. They don’t cover the procedure but maybe they can/will cover other parts like the room and medicine.

  2. 213 isn’t so bad i believe if you wanna go down to 125 you can. How tall are you? 125 maybe too little for your height. I’m supposed to be 180 tops and i’m in the 300’s. SOOOOOO bad. I feel ya on the insurance bop i work at pathmark and since I’m a part timer i can’t even get insurance until i reach two years which will be in another year. I jsut hope i get a new job by then !

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