my misery is so addictive

Working overnight makes me just want to sleep at all hours of the day. Never to wake up except for work. I think its more my family getting on my fucking nerves. Whether it be my brothers and sisters screaming at each other over so lame bull shit or my fathers constant tirades on President Obama’s socialist plans. It’s like why would I want to be awake for this? It’s not like I have a means of escape. I have no car. The only way I use the car is for work when I work overnight because there’s no insurance for a wreck like me. I want to shut my eyes to all this and fast forward through the hard parts… just to make it to the other side alright. Will I make it alright? I haven’t done SHIT to diet. I have no will. I want to. I look down at my body and cringe but I can’t find the strength through the exhaustion. Back to the wills again. I have none. I am losing it. I am not a friendly face anymore. I am a cringe worthy suck fest.


3 thoughts on “my misery is so addictive

  1. I work over night to so I completely understand the whole sleep all day, but you gotta force yourself to get up and see some form of the sun. The sun is beautiful, we forget that when we kind of wallow away into depression and rants. Today is over and tomorrow is a good day for you, it’s going to be. Because I said so. 😉

  2. I hear ya loud and clear hun… It was a bitch and a half to get used too when doing night shift as a cleaner all you wanna do is sleep during the day but its hard because its sunlight out and its not really that good with the body!

    Love your site babe! xx

  3. thanks lovelies. im glad you peeps understand me. thats y i love blogging/the internet. You connect with people you’ve never met before otherwise and you make a connection!

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