sentimental tune

GUYS I saw New Moon. It was sooo good. A thousand times better than the first one. Very like the book except for little things. I loved the action and Taylor Lautner is one awesome actor for a 17 year old. I really don’t wanna commit statuatory but your boy is FIONE.  That bod. Pfff. Anyways. I need to see it again. ASAP.  So yeah. lol.  I am actually awake in the daytime holla! It’s dreary as eff outside but what can you do?  I bought the soundtrack for the movie as well as the latest Tegan && Sara. I love em both. Great purchases. Argh I need to stop shopping for myself and go hxc christmas shopping. Especially while I have money. I hemmorrage money. I love to spend spend spend! What woman doesn’t?


So I need your opinions ladies and gents… There was this guy. We liked each other. Like shit was MUTUAL for once. He liked me. I liked him. It coulda been a beautiful thing. But he has no NERVE. Whenever he texts me hes all It’s great to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger.  Blah Blah Blah. We did hook up that one drunken time. It was pg-13 I swear. But I did like him. It DID happen. But, after that, if he was SOOO interested, why didn’t he call me? Why doesn’t he EVER call me? Why doesn’t he GO for it? If he had asked me to go to the movies, bowling, for a drink, SOMETHING I would’ve went. Hell, I might still go if he ever grows a pair.  My friends say I should ask him out but guys I haven’t physically seen the dude since LAST NEW YEARS.  How riDONKulous is that? Plus, he’s thirty.  Age isn’t really a big deal to me like that.. It’s only eight years, but if you’re that age don’t you think you should have it a little more together when pursuing the fairer sex? It may just be me but I really want to be pursued! I don’t want to be the one going for it. It’s a huge turn off to me that hes like this.  I guess I want the manly man. The one that’ll take me in the dark corner and kiss me for all its worth without waiting for my permission because he KNOWS thats what I want before I really do.  Do you guys think I’m lame? Should I keep trying with the other guy or is it a lost cause?


2 thoughts on “sentimental tune

  1. OMG!!! Wasn’t New Moon pure awesomeness?! They sure did a good job following the book and wowww, I’m a total cradle robber, because I was all hot and bothered by Taylor Lautner (but, I’m still all for Edward). I’m totally gonna see it again tonight 🙂

    Guys are just weird like that. They are SO lame. I think he might be trying not to look too desperate or something. And they say girls are too confusing.

  2. yes it was amazing i wanna see it over and over again! I just don’t know about this boy… MAN i should say he is THIRTY. I just wish things would have turned out differently but ah we’ll see, right?

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