I wake up exhausted

Just thought id share one of my flicks from my graduation from the 17th of this month. to prove i did something with my time this year hahaha.  thats my friend catie and I. I loves her shes awesome.

So. Today has just begun.  What I really wanna do is go see New Moon but will I? Probably not since I have no car. Sucks ballzone.  I also need to straighten my hair. Its a hawtass curly mess. I love how freeing it is to have a blog but if you never speak to me and just see CONFESSIONS OF A CERTIFIED FAT CHICK I guess it can be a little unnerving. I am just very honest and open when it comes to myself and I think it’s important not to have any smoke and mirrors when it comes to it. People have been very unkind to me about my weight so I don’t want people to think I’m thinner than I am.  Just how it is. On a lighter note, I watched Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia last night, the one on the D.E.N.N.I.S. method and it was truly hilarious. I just hope guys don’t try that to really get girls. Okay let me get to my straightening since its cold as ish outside and lord knows i shouldn’t be walking around with we hair. deuces.


2 thoughts on “I wake up exhausted

  1. I don’t understand why people would treat anyone differently about their weight. It’s not hurting them, so they need to fuck off lol. You go girl 🙂 Stay strong and continue to be yourself. People like you rise to the top.

    BTW, you’re gorgeous 🙂 I love your vibrant smile!

  2. aw you’re a true dollface. Its not THAT many people who do it… but enough to get me to notice. Esp the guys I am ever interested in. Its like the elephant in the room. We’re a perfect fit. We get along… but theres always THAT holding them back.

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