Each morning I wake up I die a little

Man oh Man. Working thirds effs a bitch up. I seriously am not living for anything other than sleep. For those of you who don’t know thirds is the graveyard shift. Working 12-8:30. All I do is sleep and work. Its gross. Right now I’m heading into my second job at the video store for some 5- 11age so a life outside of work for me is IMPOSSIBLE.  Next week I’m doing that ish too. So not kosher. So I’m just giving ya’ll a heads up that posting maybe a problem. I hate doing it on my cell because it takes forty seven years and half the time i’m trying to touch I and it clicks O. Touch screen phones=overrated. Atleast this morning I watched the project runway finale. Lemme tell ya. I wish someone else one. I won’t spoil it if you have seen it yet. Okay, I’m OUTSKI


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