Hola WordPress. Whad up Doh?

If you read my about me  you can see what I’m all about. I just left Blog spot to come here because my lovely friend Brandy told me about the awesomeness of wordpress so I decided to give it a GO.  You guys may read the title of this blog and say; “Wow, this bitch is self-depreciating as WHOAH.”   But I am not. I really am WAY too large. I am on the brink of diabetes and I fit the term OBESE.  Growing up I have always been big boned, but when I was diagnosed with depression when I was seventeen I did more than eat my feelings: I devoured them. Instead of a boyfriend I have doritoes. It’s sick && sad. I don’t want to be that girl anymore. I am approacing woman hood and I don’t want  to be the girl people make fun of anymore or say “Oh you’re so pretty why do you do this to yourself?” I get it. I have messed up. I started this blog to keep reminding myself to stay deligent on my quest of being healthy and reminding myself food isn’t the answer. I mean duh. Food’s amazeballs but I shouldn’t substitute food for sex,love, friendship, and/or happiness.  So, this isn’t going to be ALL about my fat ass. It’s just my life. What I deal with. My fat ass just happens to be a huge part of it. Pun intended haha.


6 thoughts on “Hola WordPress. Whad up Doh?

  1. Aw. Thank you for the plug girlie. Welcome to WordPress. You’re going to love it!! I love the story behind your blog though. They inspire you to do so many things, keep you motivated, you can write what’s on your mind. I kinda look at it as giving yourself a lecture. Or, if something is bugging you, you can bitch all you want. Haha. 🙂

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